Queen of the Hills…Ooty

I have never been much of a hills person but the trip to Ooty opened my eyes to the ethereal beauty of the hills. We took a KSRTC bus from Shantinagar Bus Station in Bangalore for our journey. The AC Volvo bus had all sorts of facilities to make our 8 hour journey comfortable. The bus went via the Bandipur National forest and Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. As we neared our hill station the view turned more panoramic with every passing mile. There were pine trees 30-40 feet tall, flanking both sides of the roads. In every nook and corner there were tea plantations, giving a perfect feel of the hills.

When we arrived at Ooty, night had already fallen and it was raining cats and dogs. Apparently October-November is the season of retreating monsoons and rains every other day.

Next day we hired a car from a local travel agency. It was only Rs 1000 for the entire day. The first stop was the Ooty Lake which was built in 1825 and is around 2.5 kms long. The lake has speed boating, row boating facilities. It has an amusement corner with first ever 3d simulated theatre, scary house, magic mirrors etc.

The Botanical Garden built in 1847 was out next stop. It is maintained by the Horticulture Department of the state, with an area of 22 hectares and allegedly has 650 species of plants and trees.


Dodapetta or the suicide point is only 10 kms away from Ooty hence it did not take us long to reach there. Dodapetta is the highest peak in South India, around 8000 ft above sea level. It is said to be the best vantage point around Ooty.
Time constraint however, prevented us from visiting the famous pine forests which are a famous cinematic location.


The beauty of Ooty is not only in the tourist locations, it is in the mystic quality of the hills.The far off hills was shrouded in a azure blue aura which looked out of the world. The roads scenic, the view panoramic and the city booming with life. Ooty truly is the queen of hill stations.


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