A Piece of Childhood

How many times do we get to relive our childhood? For most of us, the answer is never. But for me, the miracle happened in the most unexpected way.

At school, for an avid book lover like me, the library period always held an extra attraction. My school had a fairly good collection of children’s books and like everyone Enid Blyton was a Cherished all-time favorite author.

But one particular book — ‘Tales of Long Ago’ — had captured my imagination like no other. It was a book about the various Greek and Arabian myths and legends written in Blyton’s simple and crisp style that appealed to my young mind immensely. Most of the stories in the book are fairly common — the legend of Proserpina & Pluto, Narcissus & Echo, the legend of Sindabad, etc. But for a child of 10, it was a brand-new world with endless possibilities. Blyton’s fluid writing used to transport me to the world, where I often wished to stay back.

The library allowed a student to borrow a book for 1 week only and it could be extended another week at most. So, after two weeks I had to return the book I had fallen so deeply in love with. It was nothing less than a heartbreak. I promised to get my own copy soon. However, my father and I searched many bookstores all over the city, we attended book fairs looking for it, but it was not to be found anywhere.

Even as I grew older, I did not stop my search, but all was in vain. The book continued to elude me. It seemed like a quest that would remain unfulfilled.

But, miracles do happen. Two decades later, when I was about to give up hope, I suddenly found the book listed on Amazon.

I do not know if the stories will hold the same attraction today, but holding the book in hand, I was transformed into the little pig-tailed little girl, waiting for the next adventure.




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