Chicken & Tomatoes :Yum!

When I was young, cook books and cookery shows were all the rage. Whenever mom wanted to cook something different she would refer to the recipes in the numerous cookbooks. Most of the recipes were vague and often needed improvisation. So, they definitely were not a very good choice for beginners. Cookery shows were better as you could see what the person was doing. However, the trouble was the host talked and worked in his/her own pace (which was pretty fast) and if you missed a step somewhere, that was it. There was no way to rewind it.

Our kitchens are very different from our mothers’. Firstly, most of us do not have a lot of time to cook elaborate and complicated dishes. Secondly, we like to keep it as simple and as quick as possible. And with the advent of Youtube, we millennials are sorted in that matter.

For me personally, I am probably subscribed to all the cookery channels in Youtube (well almost), both from India and other countries. I especially love Bon Appetit, Tastemade, Laura in the Kitchen, Show me the Curry, Manjula’s Kitchen, Gemma Stafford, etc.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I are both foodies and we love restaurant hopping. Now I kind of want to recreate the restaurant magic in our kitchen. It is these channels and the amazing people behind them who have inspired me to wear the chef’s hat myself.

However, the experiment I would be sharing today is not from any Youtuber. It is the recreation of a very simple, but magnificent dish I had tasted from a colleague. She is not much of a meat person and favors vegetarian dishes with a particular liking for tomatoes. So, to incorporate protein in her diet, her mother used to often send her a dish of just chicken and tomatoes. I tasted the dish one day and was just bowled over. For the life of me I did not know how a dish with such basic elements can have such a mouth-watering taste.

So today I will write about my recreation of that particular dish with a little added zing of my own.

I call it Tomato-Garlic Chicken.

Ingredients:  500 grams chicken (with bones)

Olive oil

3 big tomatoes (sliced)

5 green chillies

8-10 cloves of garlic with skin

Salt and a bit of sugar


Process : Cut the chicken into bit size pieces. I boil it if I take bigger pieces


Add sufficient olive oil in a deep bottom pan and heat.

Add the chicken to the oil and fry for somtime.


Then add the diced tomatoes and whole chilles. You may slit the chillies if you                       want it to be extra spicy.

Then add the salt and sugar as per you taste and keep frying till the mix till                         the meat and cooked and the tomatoes take a brownish tinge.


The end.

Trust me, chicken goes very well with olive oil and creates a marvellous flavour. That combined with the sourness of tomatoes and heat of chillies and garlic makes it a perfect comfort food. You can have it with anything or just by itself as a starter.

If you try it out, let me know how you liked it.

Tada, till next time !




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